Who we are :

I am a professionally trained Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant™ 

People often interchange the terms Officiant and Celebrant. 

Officiate means to perform. 

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants™ perform too but do so much more.

A little bit of history…

 Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants™ originated in Australia in the 1970’s out of a need for people wanting non-religious ceremonies that were all encompassing of the couple’s desires. Celebrants are professionally trained in ritual and ceremony and they design, organize and perform ceremonies based on each client’s needs and values.

 As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant™, my goal is to create a ceremony that is a true reflection of you. 

I will incorporate your values, ideas, and personalities. Every ceremony is tailor-made. 

At first, we will meet (in-person, telephone, whatsaap) for a complimentary, no-obligation meeting where we discuss your hopes and dreams for your wedding ceremony.  

At the conclusion of the meeting if we feel that we are a good fit to work together, the necessary paperwork can be signed to guarantee your date. 

 A retainer of 50% of the total is also required.

I will send you an in-depth questionnaire shortly thereafter so I can learn what makes your story unique and I will use the information you share to custom write your ceremony.

Your wedding ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding day celebration.

 It sets the ambience for your entire day.

 You can be as creative or traditional as you wish. 

Your wedding ceremony is all about YOU and therefore your input is integral. 

By working together, I will come to know what is important to you and with that as my inspiration, I will custom write your ceremony. 

I will help to make it an unforgettable experience. I love the process of weaving a couple’s love story, beliefs, values, and personalities into a unique, personalized, and one-of-a-kind ceremony. I love giving my best so your love story is told with grace, beauty, and professionalism.

Your ceremony will be  specifically written for you and derived from the information I glean from the questionnaires and our numerous exchanges. 

This ceremony is a reflection of your ideas, experiences, values and personalities. 

You have the ultimate say over your ceremony and I will creatively weave your words and desires into your ceremony.  

You have the opportunity of asking loved ones to be involved.  

You are able to choose various elements (readings, ritual, personal vows) to enhance your ceremony, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Wedding Officiants – Our Services

Choosing the right wedding officiant is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning process, because the way your ceremony feels will be something you and your families will remember forever.  

I will work closely with you  to create a fully customized ceremony that celebrates your unique relationship, and I never deliver a generic “cookie cutter” script.

Together, we will create a memorable, heartfelt experience for you and your wedding guests. 

Whether you are interested in something short and sweet, or an interfaith wedding ceremony, or a full ceremony with a ritual, and participants (friends or family) reading a text of their own, or playing music etc… I will be happy to collaborate with you to make your wedding ceremony exactly what you’re looking for.

Wedding packages

Blue light ceremony : 650 euros (in French) and 750 e in English /bilingual : writing of the ceremony script only.

Unlimited communications

Customized ceremony script

Customized choice of ritual

up to 5 friends or family member to read a text and guidance 

Vow choices and guidance

Creation of a symbolic certificate

Communications with your celebrant (a friend or someone part of your family for instance)

White ribbon ceremony : from 700 euros (in French) and from 800 e in English /bilingual

A simple short lovely 20/30 minutes ceremony

Customized ceremony with no rituals

Unlimited communications

Vow choices and guidance

Early arrival and conduct of the ceremony

Signing of a symbolic wedding certificate

Transportation fee up to 100 km distance inclusive

Golden touch ceremony from 950 euros in French – from 1100 euros bilingual or in English

full size ceremony : 45 min to 1 hour

Customized script of the ceremony

Choice of customized ritual (1 or 2)

Unlimited communications

up to 5 friends or family member to read a text and guidance

Vow choices and guidance

Early arrival and conduct of the ceremony

Signing of a symbolic wedding certificate

Transportation fee up to 100km distance 

Each wedding ceremony package includes the following:

Initial Consultation 

I want you to feel totally comfortable booking our services, which is why I offer a free, no-obligation consultation before we ever sign a contract. 

I will ask you questions about you, to learn about your relationship and you will ask me all the questions you would like about the wedding ceremony.

We will talk about your wishes and what you would like your ceremony to be like.

I typically conduct these initial consultations via Whatsapp, or phone, but if you would prefer to meet me in person should the distance allow it, we could certainly do so. 

I will hold your wedding date for a week after our first consultation, so you will have plenty of time to speak with me and make a decision before you need to sign a contract.

Planning Meeting  : work session

 Once the contract has been signed and the first 50% deposit has been paid, I will be in touch with you for a first “work session”.

You will receive “homework” to do either together or on your own via an in-depth questionnaire to cover all the aspect of the ceremony and of your love story.

This information will help me in writing the script of your ceremony to make sure it reflects your beliefs and personalities.

Ceremony Editing 

I will write a full draft of your ceremony and email it to you for your review.  

You can revise your draft ceremony as much as you would like until it is the exact wedding ceremony you want, and then simply email your edited draft back to me. 

I want it to feel perfect – if you need additional suggestions or guidance, I will be happy to help.

I will be available for you at any stage. Should you need guidance to write your vows, or choose a formula to exchange your rings, I could send you sample of ideas to help you getting through.

The Ceremony

I will  arrive at your wedding venue 30 minutes before to help coordinate with your attendants and —vendors and get ready for the processional. 

The DJ will have a copy of the script of the ceremony so that they could precisely follow when to put the music or stop.

I am perfectly comfortable with photographers taking pictures anywhere they would like during the ceremony.  

I will deliver the exact ceremony you’ve discussed, and create a wonderful experience for you and your guests.

Optional services

My husband, Gregory, is our official photographer and we will be happy to quote his services on the D day, should you wish only the ceremony to be photographed or the whole day.

We could offer make up and hairdressing services via vendors we are used to work with. Transportation fees may apply.

We could also provide wedding bouquet or flowers, as we are working in coordination with a fantastic flower shop using the most beautiful flowers ! (you could send us a photo of the requested bouquet and we will make a quote)

We would love to find out more about you and your wedding plans – to find out more about our services or to check my availability for your wedding date, please feel free to contact me today !

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